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Five lessons learnt from one awesome friend

So I have this friend.  She’s currently living too far away for my liking, but I think of her often.

 They say people come in to your life for a reason, a season, or a life time.  I’m pretty sure this one’s a lifer, but I also know there are some pretty significant reasons she’s in my life, whatever the season.  

Along with an infinite ability to make me laugh as well as think about things from a different angle, and one of the most inspiring personal styles I’ve ever known, this awesome friend continues to teach me some very important lessons, without even being aware of it, I’m sure. 

I’m struggling to put the lessons into sentence-shaped words, so again with the list…

1)      Sometimes the cheeriest people you know have a whole lot of pain going on under the surface.

2)      It’s not that the cheeriness is fake – it truly isn’t – but it can sometimes be a distracting cover-up.  Being able to be there in the times of anguish is one of the greatest honours I’ve ever experienced.

3)      It is one of life’s great mysteries that the most amazing and beautiful people in this world generally don’t see themselves the same way.  Seriously – if I could have one superpower, it would be the ability to let my friends see themselves the way the rest of us see them.  In all their iridescent, breathtaking beauty.
There is a Mindy Gledhill song that I love. It makes me think of this special friend each time I hear it (and I play it a lot!).

“My imagination sees you, like a painting by Van Gogh.  Starry nights and bright sunflowers follow you where you may go.”

4)      Bad things happen in our lives.  Some we have influence over, some we do not.  There are imbalances of power, and flow-on impacts from other people’s actions.  There are people who behave cruelly and damage others, and there are scars that are left that never completely disappear.  What we do to remain strong through these bad times is what ends up defining us – not the scars that remain.

 “You are brighter than the stars.  Believe me when I say it’s not about your scars.  It’s all about your heart.”

5)      One last key lesson I have learnt from this beautiful girl:  Strength comes in many forms.  Beauty is found in the darkest places.  And the human heart’s capacity for forgiveness and hope is immeasurable.


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