On long weekends and wanderings…

Hello callers!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter break, with a day to come.  Auckland weather hasn’t been great but I’ve had five days off with The Southern Man, which has been just awesome.  It’s the first time we’ve had this amount of time off together in a while, and it’s been lovely.

In true pre-long-weekend style, we had lots of ideas for flat-related activity this weekend.  There was going to be tidying and cleaning.  Vacuuming and sorting.  A collection of items to be packaged up for the op shop.  Oh, the plans!

It’s now Sunday evening.  I’ve read three books, had some delicious coffee, and caught up on backlogged episodes of Bones.  The flat still looks like a small tribe of hobgoblins threw a party here, but there’s always tomorrow.  I figure a weekend of More Important Activities is a weekend well spent.

We caught up with wonderful friends who we don’t see nearly often enough.  Their Mini Human took a shine to The Southern Man; there was much smiling with her brand new teeth.

We also had a wonderful day on Thursday with two of my favourite Mini Humans and their lovely mama.   There was an Easter egg hunt, and some fort building. There was Bob the Builder.  There was even a robbery at the dairy up the road as the taller Mini Human and I went in search of apple juice.  The robber ran past us at speed.  The most helpful feedback I could offer the very lovely policeman who took my statement was on the colour of the man’s underwear.  Navy and red stripes.  I know this as his pants were falling down as he ran.  If it wasn’t so unacceptable and, well, illegal, it would’ve been very amusing.

The Southern Man and I spent a fair amount of time today discussing a matter of significance.  What to name one of our future dogs.  The Southern Man has his heart set on a bloodhound.  I would love a French bulldog.  Or an English one.  But we met a lovely little French fellow this morning, having coffee with his mum (she was having the coffee; he was waiting patiently for snacks).  He sparked off the naming discussion.

I’m veering towards Hugo.  Or Lewis.  I suggested Mr Magnificent. Sadly, I have been outvoted.  The Southern Man couldn’t see himself yelling out “Mr Magnificent, Mr Magnificent…” should the puppy ever dash off to smell all the smells.

While we were out today we also had a wander alongside some waves.  There was a lot of detritus thrown up from the recent storm on to the boardwalk.  I cracked an excellent joke about the sea wee-ing.  It was hilarious.  No, seriously, it was.  I thought so, anyway.  All credit to The Southern Man for his in-kind response.  He also did an excellent job of fathoming what I was when I was whirling my arms in the kitchen.  A windmill.  First guess.  Well done that man. It’s times like these that I am reminded how blessed I am – when you find the one who laughs at your terrible jokes, be happy!

And now we are heading into a Monday off and as I complain about Mrs Podge taking up most of the couch and we eat crackers and ice-cream for dinner because we forgot that grocery stores would be closed today, I am thinking of a very special mama who is home with her three sick mini humans this weekend, two of whom are my beautiful godsons.  The whole family is ill, which is not fun.  So sending lots of love out to them, and if anyone has any spare goodness thoughts, please send them their way too.

Hope you have wonderful last-day-of-long-weekend, lovelies x

P.S. Thoughts on puppy names?  Is Lewis a good one?  Still like Mr Magnificent….



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