Tantrums and hissy fits and grumping, oh my!

I’m a lousy patient.  I’ve got a touch of the bronchitis, and a giant dose of grumpiness.  I just had a tantrum.  A big one.  There was foot stomping.  The Southern Man was calm and rational – which is SO infuriatingly annoying when one is having a tanty – and I am now settled on the couch with a multi-vitamin, Sunday’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and a rosy case of Hissy Fit Throwers Remorse.  

I can’t even tell you what the pitched fit was about as I can’t remember.  Have vague recollection that it started with a ‘ Yes, thanks,’I’d like a salad with dinner’ and closed off with a drawn-out ‘I have to do evvvvvverything around here….’.  Which, everyone who knows us will tell you, is so far from the truth it’s almost laughable.  Am not proud of my drama-throwing histrionics.  Sorry Beanie!

My stroppiness aside, it’s been a big couple of weeks.  On Sunday there was official Godmother-Related-Activity, which was fun.  I might just have the cutest godsons in the world.

This Godmother business is an interesting one.  Not having kids of our own, and being very unlikely to ever have such things, I’m finding that the god parenting angle is an excellent one.  All the fun, none of the actual ‘no sleep for 18 years, constant distraction and worry, when did I last get a shower that lasted longer than 33 seconds’ responsibility.  Having said that, it also means we’re blessed enough to be close enough to the parents of these little munchkins to see first-hand the amazing job they are doing in getting these lucky kids from zero to the fine adults I know they will be.  We’re lucky to be able to walk alongside them as they do an awesome job of figuring out this parenting business.

And that’s about the extent of my logical thoughts for the evening.  Not much of a bloggy blog effort, but I figured stopping in to write a few notes would be a grand plan given my lack of recent activity.  There will be better efforts made tomorrow.

As an aside, there has been one important upside to my tantrum – clean sheets as the grumpiness resulted in a bustle of activity.  Is 7pm too early to go to bed on a Tuesday?


P.S. Clark Gregg acted the pants off this episode of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Well done that man.


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