Things I Have Learnt

What do Rodents of Unusual Size, air force intelligence and water-coolers have in common?

So I have this friend.  Again, she is too far away for my liking.  We met through forced association, but in this case I will always be grateful for such circumstances, as otherwise we wouldn’t have come across each other.

She is wickedly funny, this friend.  Probably because she is so damn smart.  In what might just be payback, her first little is ridiculously clever too (am sure #2 will be too, it’s just that at the drool/giggle stage it’s harder to tell)… so that’ll be fun for her in a few years when they’re at the rule-enforcement stage – he’s already negotiating time-out terms and conditions with her.  I laugh and laugh.

She’s also brave.  Crazy brave and wildly strong.  Not that she knows it.  I’m always left with the impression that because that’s just who she is, she never gives it a second thought – but her strength and bravery is inspirational to those of us in her orbit.  Her straight-talking, no-b*llshit, generously offered acceptance and loyalty (when it’s deserved, but woe-betide any moron who treats others badly), is so refreshing in a world of mixed messages and hectic pace.  She fights for what she believes in, and stands up for others.

There’ve been times when we’ve faced challenges together and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been inclined to back down, shuffle away and hope if I ignore the issue it’ll just miraculously resolve itself.  Not this one.  She’s approaching dramas head-on, with dignity and grace.  I’m flouncing around in the background hmmphing and hurumphing like a grumpy hedgehog, but she’s already well into the discussion, pointing out very calmly the issue and what needs to be done.  She’s found an adult way to say “You can just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong”, without them realising what’s just happened.  It’s fantastic to watch.

She’s taught me about loyalty and grace.  And taking responsibility for ones’ own actions.  And she introduced me to The Princess Bride and Rodents of Unusual Size.  How did it take me so long to see that movie?  Inconceivable!  Now whenever I’m at a wedding I can’t help but think of her…


My career to date has involved lots of offices and water coolers and Important Project Timelines.  She’s flown in fighter jets and her CV actually includes the words Top Secret.  Yet somehow, in the convoluted twists and turns of life, we ended up at the same place at the same time.  And for that, I will always be thankful.

And now we live far apart, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology we can message  daily about nothing at all, which brightens my days considerably.  I’m proud of her, and proud to know her, and also can’t wait until her littles are quite possibly taking over the world.

So that’s my pondering for the day.  And my reminder to let those we love, no matter where they are or how often we talk (or not), know that we’re thinking of them…



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