It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since my last post.  It’s a very bad habit I have, of starting things with a giant rush of enthusiasm and prioritising, then life soon gets in the way and before I know it it’s been weeks and months of ‘I really must get back to writing/podcasts on ancient history/course on paleobiology/insert random hobby here’, whilst wasting time posting recipes I will never make onto my Pinterest account.

And of course when I sit down to write something, I stall.  What on earth am I going to waffle on about?  Surely it needs to be a topic of importance.  Or at least relevance.  A whole bunch of posts have been started.  None finished.

So perhaps that should be my goal for today.  Just put words down then post them up.  Finish.

Besides, I’ve now got the new Taylor Swift album playing.  Why yes, I do have the musical taste of a 13 year old girl at times.  One of her new songs is my favourite 3¾ year old’s best dance tune, so clearly I had to buy the entire album.  And in the immortal words of Ms Swift, I surely must just Shake It Off. 

It’s been a good week.  Three conversations with three old friends, from entirely different eras of my life-to-date.  Two of them are still currently huge parts of my life, but it’d been a while since we’d spoken properly. One of these was a text conversation rather than an actual chat, but still, lovely to be in touch.  She lives too far away for my liking and I miss her every day, but so good to ‘speak’ with her.  Plus she’s home for Christmas, so pretty darn excited about that!  There shall be wine and road trips upon her return, by jovies.  In fact, one of those unfinished blog posts is about her and her bravery in going through ridiculous amounts of challenges and coming out stronger – love love love this girl.

The second of these conversations was with another of my dearest friends.  One of those acquaintances you meet through connected boyfriends in crazy young times… the relationships end but the friendship turns out to be one of the most rewarding around.  She’s amazing.  A brand-new mother, to one of the luckiest little girls around, to have a mum with the most incredibly big heart.  The conversation wasn’t long enough, but at least we got as far as making plans for the weekend.

The third conversation was a true ‘It’s been a while…’ one.  It was also an out-of-the-blue delight.  Over 20 years since we’d last spoken in person, but I am pretty sure I would’ve recognised the voice anywhere. One of those exchanges which start off with your basic “So, what have you been up to since 1996?”, and swiftly moves on to such topics as international terrorism and the role of media in presenting political agendas, and the social pressure to have children by a certain age, interrupted by the odd “He married HER?  Seriously?”, or “Yeah, I never liked him anyway”.

I’d forgotten how important it is to connect with people who know you well.  Who knew you when you weren’t even ‘you’ yet.  When you were just in the beginning stages of figuring out the world and your place in it.  Feeling very lucky this week to have had the chance to be reminded of these points.  And grateful to have had the chance to meet these three very different people who know me from totally different times in my life, yet time never seems to be a factor with any of them.

Hope you have a great weekend, and get the chance to catch up with someone you may not get to speak to often enough. And I’ll count this as finishing a post – hoping my lovely Tarryne will give me points for at least getting this far after her positive (regular, not to be confused with nagging!) reminders.  I’ll take them.


P.S.  The paleobiology course is an actual thing.  An awesome awesome thing.



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