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She’s leaving, on a jet plane…

Not me.  I’m staying right here.  Summer’s coming, so there will be no global wanderings for a while.  Just some random ponderings on a Thursday afternoon as I am at home sick and am realising I am going to miss seeing one amazing young lady before she heads away on Monday.

She’s off to the UK, her original homeland.  I’ve only known this woman for two years, but what she’s taught me in this time has been life-changing. She truly does have a kind heart, a fierce mind, and a brave spirit.

For the actual background and info on her story, check out her blog immediately.  Well, after you’ve read this one, obviously.

She’s 22.  She’s done a lot, loved a lot, gone through a lot, in these short years.  She’s got a condition called Marfan Syndrome, which is something I knew very little about before meeting her.  Now I know a little more, but not enough to explain it well.  Basically, it’s a genetic condition, a connective tissue issue, which leads to a lot of complications.

In her case, it’s meant heart and spinal surgeries.  A lot of them.  The girl can really rock a scar.  Scars for procedures many of us probably can’t wrap our heads around.  She’s at a point now where the next step has to be a big one, across to London, for any further treatment.  This in itself is mind-blowing, with all that it means.

She’s got more strength than a lot of people I know, and now she’s heading off on the next stage of whatever this mad journey of life may bring her way.

To see this in action, so to speak, check out this lovely video.

This is huge enough, but she’s also just gotten engaged to a lovely young fellow, and graduated.  In a matter of a few short months.  Exciting times.

And I am going to miss her terribly.

She’s one of these people who constantly looks for the best in people.  It’s a skill I need to work on.  She genuinely believes in looking for the sparkle in all things. Which means she usually finds it.  There’s always the worry that she’s hiding the pain with a heart-stopping smile, but you’ve gotta give the girl her dues for making things work.

Last weekend there was a joint engagement/going away party.  It was fabulous.  The sheer blend of people in the room was giveaway enough of how much love so many people have for this girl, who gives out so much of the same.

She’s taught me about strength and resilience.  About humour and fighting for what you believe in.  She makes a wicked birthday cake, and has exquisite taste in dresses.  She can mock a velour leisure suit with the best of them, but from her, it doesn’t seem that bad.

And so, my dearest friend, I wish you all the love and happiness around.  I hope you dance.  I know you’ll sparkle.  And above all, I hope you know how amazing you truly are.


P.S. This has been even more random than usual, I know.  But she’s been on my mind.


One thought on “She’s leaving, on a jet plane…

  1. Ive just re-read this Kerry! You are amazing and I miss seeing you everyday!!! cannot wait for janurary summer cocktails and the wedding of the year!! ❤ Thanks for reminding me to keep my sparkle xo

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