Sunday Thankfulness (on a Monday…)

This past week I’ve been in Taupo for a work event.  It was full-on and fun and tiring, and more coffee was consumed in these few days than in the entire previous month.  More baked goods were eaten, more swear words were sworn, and more impromptu car dancing was witnessed than in usual times.

There was a lot to be grateful for as the week wrapped up, and I’ve probably forgotten most of the highlights.  But I do know I am very thankful for:

  • Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.  And some wine in the sun.
  • An entire week hanging out with this awesome girl.  IMG_0571I am also grateful that I am lucky enough to be able to work with one of my best friends.  It made for an interesting and hilarious week (and, believe it or not, we worked flat-out).  We argued the entire way down to Taupo.  Then we argued about whether we were actually arguing.  She reckons we were bickering.  I think there were moments most folk would clearly call quarrels.  The biggest problem with ‘bickering’ with someone who’s known you for over 16 years is that nothing is sacred and just when you think you’ve won a crucial point, you get nailed with a “well, yes, but that’s not as bad as the time back in 2001 when you drank more cheap wine at that party than you should’ve and said/did/thought that terribly inappropriate thing about that person we’ve agreed never to mention by name…” Sometimes there’s just no coming back from the cringe of youthful shame.
  • Heart kids.  They rock.  Hanging out with a bunch of them on Saturday was fantastic.  Especially my new friend Billie-Jean.  Billie-Jean is six.  She’s got a complicated heart and some other difficulties, and has had more surgeries and procedures in her short life than any child should have to go through.  But not a lot slows her down, so she rode the 5km Heart Kids Ride, and then joined me on stage for a presentation.  No nerves (unlike me!), she was just ready to dance.  And sing.  Alas, it wasn’t the time for such things, so she made me promise we’d sing back in the marquee.  Unfortunately for me, Billie-Jean has an excellent memory.  My hopes that she’d forget this offer were quickly scuppered, so we sang along to Let It Go, from Frozen.  This was slightly worrying as I seemed to know most of the words and I haven’t seen the movie.  It’s amazing how you can (almost) put aside any embarrassment at belting out a tune when only accompanied by an iPhone and a six year old when you see how much she’s loving it.  It was a very good reminder that it’s random moments that make up our lives, and these moments pass pretty quickly.
  • Catching up with an incredibly inspirational and awesome women who I don’t see nearly often enough.  Love love love spending time with her and her positive attitude, her support of women entrepreneurs, and her creative ideas.  She also stocked me up on her great Bossy Cosmetics products, which quite frankly need their own entire ‘All the good things’ post when my brain is working again.
  • My parents.  It was Gilly’s birthday yesterday, so there was a memorial gathering in her honour.  My mom and another of her lovely friends spoke, which was brave and strong and so beautiful.  I am very proud of them both.  And of my dad, who doesn’t like social assemblies at the best of times, but he went and supported them anyway.
  • A new tiny person!  One of my bestest lovelies and her equally lovely husband welcomed little Evie to the world on Friday.  I am already in love with her and her awesome name.
  • Road-trips and an unearthed ipod from way way way back with old playlists full of music I’d forgotten I ever had.  There was Skid Row (one of the most beautiful men around in his day, that Seb, as I like to call him…), there was Lifehouse (‘Breathing’ remains on my Top 10 Of All Time Playlist), there was Bruce Springsteen and there was Blondie.  There was Seether and Live and Dolly and The Foos.  There was much singing.  Loud loud singing.

So here’s to a good week – the first of summer, in fact!  Can’t wait for the longer evenings and warmer nights, and colder wines and shorter shorts.  Hope you have a great week xxx



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