Sunday Thankfulness

Short post after a long weekend – happy Sunday Eve!

It’s been a busy few days, and summer is clearly on the way – all the hoorahs for that.

And therefore I am very grateful, this fine evening, for:

• Sunny days and cooler nights.
• Bagels for breakfast, delicious coffee and the best service around at Goodness Gracious – plus a morning date with The Southern Man…doesn’t get better than that.
• One of my Favourite Four Year Old’s birthday, with some of my best girls and one of my Second Mom’s (Although I’d forgotten just how gross Cheerio sausages actually are until I tried one – disgusting).
• New nail polish that changes colour in the sun – I feel like a member of Jem & The Holograms! (If you don’t know who I am talking about, I am concerned that we can’t be friends. Also that I am clearly quite old).
• Coconut and sugar body scrub which has left me a) shining and soft-skinned and b) smelling like a piña colada. Also, c) a little bit hungry.
• The return to work tomorrow of a colleague who’s been off doing awesome baby things for a year.
• That I have some fun bloggy things lined up for this week with some awesome bloggers whom I am excited about getting to know. These things will also hopefully get me posting more regularly – discipline is not my strong point.
• That it’s mere days (quite a few days, actually, but countable on two hands so I’m considering that ‘mere’) until the return of two of my most awesome lovelies from Australia, one from Sydney and one from Perth. Cannot wait to see them! Now, just need the other Perther and the Brisbane-based one to come home for Xmas and I’d be set.

Hope you have had a great weekend too – here’s to only a few short weeks to Christmas!

Kerry xxx


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