Welcome, tiny person

We loved you before we knew you…even when there was just hope for you – we loved you. – Unknown

Last week a new little man came into the extended CoT’s lives.  We haven’t met him yet, but we’ve seen pictures and had updates.  He’s handsome and sweet, and news of his arrival made Jo and I cry – in public.

Babies in general are usually greeted with happiness, but news of this particular arrival was incredibly poignant.  It’s safe to say we appreciated the cover of darkness at the outdoor movie as we pored over the pictures and the scant details available at that time.  The Southern Man is no doubt quite relieved he was not in attendance at the time, as he would’ve thought we were quite bonkers.

What brought the tears on was how desperately this little one has been wanted.  How long his parents have waited for him.  How happy we all are to have the news that he’s made their little family complete.  And happy for him – he will have an amazing and blessed life.

There were also some tears for the woman who had to make the incredibly hard decision to let this little one go on to a family who can offer him the best life.  It was bittersweet – the joy at our friends’ amazing news, and at the same time the recognition that this was only possible through the selflessness and bravery of a mother who knew the best way she could love this child was to give him this family.

He is a blessed little man, this one.  He will never want for love.  He has the most incredible parents, people who blow me away with their strength and bravery, and their love for each other.  They will raise him to be strong and caring and he will be a force for good in the world.

So now, as this new family finds their way through these crazy first few months, my wish for them is simple.  I wish them love.  All the love in the world.  May this love wrap them up and start to heal the pain of the last seven years of grief and loss and agony.  His parents loved him before they knew him, and the rest of us will love him forever for what he is to them.

Things don’t always work out in our pre-planned  order.  Sometimes life gets in the way and the path we think we’ll be pottering down doesn’t materialise.  Family takes many forms, and it often doesn’t come in the neat packages we sometimes presumptuously think it will.   But what does eventually work out is what is meant to be.  I know that while this new family is settling in, there is a mum out there, working her way through her own grief and sadness at giving him up for adoption.  Hopefully she will know that she has done the most amazing thing, and that this special child will have a good good life.  I have so much respect for the selfless decision she’s made, and hope she is also surrounded by love at this time.

And so on behalf of this little man’s extended family of very old friends, welcome sweet boy.  We love you, we love your parents, and we are so grateful you are here.



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