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Old friends can sometimes surprise you if you give them the chance

Every now and again you find out something a little surprising about someone which really wows you.  I had one of those moments a few evenings ago, and it really got me thinking.

I was pottering about on Instagram – as an aside, I really need an Instavention, I am following way more Burmese and Sphinx cats than is reasonable.  Which leads me to another point – do you think Mrs Podgely needs her own Instagram profile?  I am thinking yes….

Anyway, in my browsing I somehow clicked on the profile button of one of my favourite people, a very good friend.  And there was a blog link in the bio.  That was my first moment of wow, as I didn’t even realise she had a blog.  So obviously I checked it out immediately, while at the same time berating myself for not realising this important fact sooner. To be fair, it’s kind of new, but still!

This lovely person is a writer, so the fact that her blog is beautifully written was no surprise.  Seriously, she could explain how to boil an egg and do so in a compelling way.  What did take me aback was the subject and content of the blog.

The blog illuminates her interest in and passion for a very holistic and spiritual paradigm.  One that I had to admit that I hadn’t realised was so developed.  And it’s amazing to read, not only because of her skill as a writer but also because of the depth of perspective she offers.

But it wasn’t so much the topic or content of the writing (which was fascinating in itself).  What gave me pause was my own recognition of how easy it is to fall into comfortable beds of familiarity with those close to us.

We know people as they relate to us. In this case, the two of us have been friends for what seems like a million years.  It’s at least a decade.  There have been holidays and events and hours and hours of the easy hanging out you do with the people you feel most relaxed with.  We’ve had in-depth conversations about some very important and personal issues, and some of these are discussions I’ve never had with another person.  On the flip side there are also many random exchanges regarding nail polish colours and the best places to buy cocktails.

Yet I wasn’t fully aware of this whole other side of her experience, nor seen so clearly the profound way she looks at life. It simply hadn’t been part of how we related to each other, or our experiences.

I’m not saying this as a complaint or saying that we are in any way lesser friends than I’d thought.  What I am trying to explain is how wonderful it felt to discover something new about someone ‘old’ (not her, obviously, the friendship!).  And it was a very good reminder of the ‘wholeness’ of all of us.  That while we have our friendships and roles in our own tribes, there is always more to a person than what you may know or see, even when you feel that you know them well.

So I shall now be checking out her writing and learning along the way.  Learning about the things she is writing about, and also, I imagine, learning more about her.  Which is pretty damn fabulous, as what I already know, I love.

And that thus ends my random ponderings for this fine day.  But I encourage you to look at those you are close to with a new perspective, as there is always something exciting to discover about the amazing people we share our lives with.  Have you ever discovered something very cool about someone you know well?



2 thoughts on “Old friends can sometimes surprise you if you give them the chance

  1. The majority of people have many facets and interests. I can be pretty private about certain parts of my life and I have friends who are secretive about parts of their lives too.

    I’ve been keeping a blog for over 4 years and I think about half my friends know about it. I’d love to find out that one of my old friends also blogged! I’ve just recently started to meet up with local bloggers and it’s such an inspiring, supportive friendship.

  2. I absolutely agree, we all have many layers and interests, very well put – and discovering new sides of people we know well is awesome! I don’t think she was being secretive (at least, I hope not, as I blindly waffle on about it in semi-public!), more that it’s about part of her life that hasn’t been front and centre and she’s now realising how important that side of things is to her, which is great to see.

    And I keep meaning to come along to the local meet-ups, it always looks like so much fun and it would be lovely to get to know the people behind the inspiring blogs i read! Next time for sure!

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