Pretty sure Drew Barrymore and I would make great BFF’s…you know, if I moved in those circles and all….

I realise that most of what we know of celebrities is only gleaned through mainstream media snippets, ‘exposés’ and women’s mags.  And we all know how reliable, factual and truly reflective of reality such information is.

That being said, there are a few celebs I can think of who I reckon I could easily be friends with. Granted, these assumptions are based on nothing other than said media and most likely a whole lot of transference on my behalf, as I confuse their actual personalities with characters they play onscreen.  

For example, I am pretty sure these stars and I would get on merrily:

My famous BFF's

1) Drew Barrymore.  Love.  Love love.  Love her movies, love her style.  And speaking of love, I also very much like that she named her child Olive.  That is cool – I wonder if they’re breaking out all the “Olive you”, “I Olive you more…” puns at every available opportunity.  I know I would.

Perhaps I should invite her out for some bubbles and dancing of a weekend evening?  Pretty sure that’d be fun.

2) Queen Latifa.  Ah, the Queen.  She really is.  I think she’s stunning, with one of the best smiles around.  I also have a ridiculous soft spot for most of her movies, especially the one where she’s the physio and there’s the basketball player and the path of true love does not run smoothly… It’s very sweet.  And the one where she gets told she’s only got weeks to live and heads off on adventures to the slopes to live every moment – can’t remember the name of that one either but it’s also cute.

Yes, I am a sucker for rom-coms.  They’re one of my weaknesses.

I’d like to think that Queenie and I would get on famously.  We could bond over long Sunday lunches with many cheeseboards and free-flowing beverages and put the world to rights.

3) Johnny Galecki.  I have, for some reason, found him adorable since his first appearances on Roseanne.  And as Leonard on The Big Bang Theory he’s tops.  Characters aside, he’s got the twinkliest smile (clearly I have a thing for smiles).  Plus I love the fact that in response to gossip swirling around the internet that he was gay, he commented

“I’ve never really addressed those rumours because I figured, ‘Why defend yourself against something that is not offensive?”.

Why indeed.  Also, as I believe someone’s sexuality is really no-one else’s business nor is it at all important to know unless you are directly affected, I like that he didn’t bother to waste further time on such nonsense.

The next time I get the opportunity, I shall extend a warm invitation to Johnny to come to a BBQ with the COT.  Am sure he’d fit right in, and I am also pretty sure he’s hilarious.  We could play Cards Against Humanity (as an aside, funniest game ever) and end up with aching faces from laughing.  That’s what happened last time we played, and Johnny didn’t make that game – I am sure he would’ve loved it.

4) Breckin Meyer.  Another cutie.  And again with the twinkly eyes.  He reminds me of a boy I used to know  – the same laid-back attitude, lazy smile and surfer look.  Funny and outgoing and charming in a quirky way, but also a much deeper way of looking at the world than you’d assume from his easy-going manner.  Clearly I am transferring my assumptions about this actor based on purely on the fact that he reminds me of someone I knew, but I reckon these non-informed guesses could be spot-on.

He might like to come to that BBQ too.  The more the merrier really!

Who would you invite along to a weekend session?  Any celebs you think you’d probably get along with like a house on fire?



One thought on “Pretty sure Drew Barrymore and I would make great BFF’s…you know, if I moved in those circles and all….

  1. Yay! Can’t wait for that COT barbecue. Think I’d have to bring Sam Rockwell – think he’d keep us all entertained. And may I hang with Drew too? She’s awesome. I think she’d be keen for a girls’ weekend with us and Tina Fey.

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