A Bit About Me…

Hello, callers!

I’m not too sure where this little blog will go. Or what it will look like. I don’t even have a plan for next week. But as someone who’s meant to use words as a significant part of my job, I realised the other day that I spend a lot of time writing for specific purposes, and not so much time writing for fun.

So this is my fun writing. Writing with happiness, writing to celebrate good things and amazing people. Writing as a way of consciously looking for beauty and adventure – and writing as a way of stopping me wasting way too much time on Pinterest!

Most of my day time is spent as a fundraising and marketing manager for a wonderful kids charity.  I work with a great team, and the kids and families we support are inspirational.  I figured it was also time to spend a little time trying something new – hence these wafflings.

The Southern Man, Podgely, and I live in a wee flat which we love.  There’s a tiny patio, which is just fine as my plant-tending skills are less-than-stellar.  Have resorted to seasonal pots of colour and one very hardy (if somewhat stunted) lime tree.   Next summer is vege-growing time!

Thanks for popping by, I hope we can keep in touch!



3 thoughts on “A Bit About Me…

  1. Hi Kerry!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love the name of your blog. 🙂 I actually started mine for the same reason you did – to have a place to just write without an actual purpose and to just express myself and share my life.

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