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The Heart Kids connection

Public notice – this is a long one!  Once I started writing I realised I had quite a lot to say on the matter. Writing yesterday’s post about the upcoming Tri, I stopped to think for a moment about my motivations for doing such a thing.  And today I’ve had a very strong reminder of one… Continue reading The Heart Kids connection

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The perils of not listening when spoken to – putting the ‘try’ into triathlon

I am not entirely sure how it happened, but in a few short days – four, to be exact – I will be lining up at the start of a triathlon.  And then, in theory at least, I shall be ‘go-ing’ after the official ‘Ready…Set….’ is hollered. I somehow got talked in to spending my… Continue reading The perils of not listening when spoken to – putting the ‘try’ into triathlon


Sunday thankfulness

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

It’s been a good weekend.

Things I am thankful for this sunny Sunday:

  • The first tiny tomato on my tiny tomato plant!  I’m growing an actual vegetable!  Or rather, a fruit.  But still, it’s growing.  I’ll take the win. You’ve got to look closely, but it’s there.Tomato!
  • ABBA playing randomly on the radio.
  • An early night to come before a mad week.
  • An afternoon with some of my best girls on a long-overdue catch-up. There were bubbles, and cheeses.  And Russian fudge.
  • Clean laundry.
  • Not one but two outings with one of my soul sisters, always good for the spirit.
  • Craft markets with insanely talented artists and vendors.
  • A-Team reruns

Here’s to a good week!  Hope you’ve had a great weekend x